Episode 1: Learn recent statistics on medical school acceptance, Hear Dr. Daniel Williams candidly describe his experience and introduction you to Medical Mastery.com charity model.

Depending on your source, statistics will tell you that only one in ten premed students in college will actually become physicians. According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, 42% of you will actually get accepted. That number is actually high because so many people change their mind and don’t follow through with the application process. There are many reasons for this. In this lecture series, we will explore all of the ones that I get emails about.

Hello, I’m your host Daniel Williams, MD.


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  • I am an Emergency Medicine resident
  • I love my job and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else
  • What I do is nothing like the movies
  • You can’t make up the things I see
  • You wouldn’t want to

Who is this guy, anyway?

I come from a family without college degrees. I knew no one closely that had been through medical school. If I can do it, you can do it! I partied a bit much in high school. Then I Worked in a warehouse. Later, I joined the Army with NO college, as an E1. Those of you that have been in the military know what that experience is like.

On a medical mission to Benin, Africa I got interested in medicine. Specifically, helping the world’s truly needy people. Later I discovered ways that needy populations are served by…THE INTERNET!

I got out of the Army and attended a undergraduate university that had a certified pre-med advisor that attended the state-wide conferences. My MCAT was pretty bad – 26/35. When I got the score in the mail I was depressed for 3 days and didn’t want to talk to anyone or get out of the bed.

What had I done?

I left the Army for this? Took less money for this? Got a degree in Biology that I couldn’t use to mount a decent career, at least not compared to being a physician. I had taken a big risk (on myself), poored in a lot of money and time into extra, “Pre-Med Prerequisite” courses, not to mention the pain of actually trying to do well in them.

Then, the worst blow…my advisor told me to consider another career because of the predictive nature of the MCAT.

Obviously the story doesn’t end here. What happened that changed the course of my career? That’s exactly the point of this article!

My Pre-Med club was active and we toured 4 medical schools in 5 days! Getting to speak with current medical schools was entirely different than anything I had heard. Hearing the insider information changed EVERYTHING!

So, I prayed a lot, then gathered my strength. I decided not to listen to anyone but an MD or a medical student. I even ignored my own father’s misgivings and speeches about how difficult the years of training would be. He just didn’t get it. I’m doing what I love! Without exception, the people that had negative things to say about my choice to be Pre-Med were people that were not fulfilled in their own lives. I had grasped the life lesson I needed to succeed! My mindset was finally right.

I learned everything I’m about to teach you in this course.

As time went on, I began to wonder if others had my experience. I was fortunate to be in an active Pre-Med club with an concerned, participating advisor! What’s happening in other places?

Well, in the Army I learned to take care of my subordinates’ needs. In medical school, I naturally spent 4 years working on the student web site. Pre-Med student from in and outside the U.S. contacted me through Google searches and asked for advice. That’s when I wrote the Pre-Med Entrance Guide I email to those that get automatic email updates to MedicalMastery.com. This blog post podcast marks the first of my years of experience and tremendous collection of electronic notes.

Nowadays, I’m personally taking 10 people per year on a guided coaching course through the entire Pre-Med process, from A to Z! Starting each June! More details will be released as the time approaches.

What do I do in my spare time? Besides spending time with my family, I give tours of the schools and cadaver labs, National Youth Leadership Program cadaveric airway labs, Dr. Reye’s High School Program tours and Q&A sessions, and ACLS instruction.

Mission Statement
“Medical Mastery seeks to podcast meaning into medical education by combining faith, high-quality lectures, and charity.”

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